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How to Choose Right Wedding Dress for Indian Wedding?

Indian dresses are considered the most elegant and traditional attires as well as viewed as the epitome of grace and beauty. Due to this reason; Indian weddings turn into a spectacle where you can see many kinds of Indian wedding dresses. If you have got an Indian wedding, then you can be sure that you won't find your wedding dresses at a Los Angeles mall or New York’s chic city. When there is an Indian wedding, then besides the destination, the décor, the catering, and the dress codes everything gets dipped in the luxe paint for turning it grander.


The main focus lies on the ensembles of the bride and the groom. Indeed, a wedding dresses rich nature is not defined by the price tag only as the costumes should be a mixture of highly sourced fabrics, silhouettes, and costly looking embellishments that look royal and some of the compounds which make the finest Indian wedding dresses. The majority of the brides and the grooms prefer to have exclusive designs which will turn them the showstoppers.

  • Don't always go for traditional colors

Today, wedding dresses are found in various colors. Brides do not remain confined to just red only as designers bring forward various colored wedding dresses. So, numerous brides have been stepping away from the traditional colors and selecting a color they like. Actually, every color has got a meaning and these colors do represent specific emotions, state of mind, and feelings. Hence, when you opt for an offbeat color, you have to keep this in mind. Some brides opt for the pink as this color represents innocence, freshness, love, good life, good health, and purity.


More and more brides love blue too as this color is linked with the color of the sea and water. This color also represents peacefulness and calmness. Blue also transports purity, life, femininity, etc.

  • Go for mix fabrics

The good choice of fabric is highly important to determine your wedding dress look. Your wedding dress shouldn't only look the best in its look, but it should have the finest drape, weave, and the fabric's weight too must be ideal. A bride can prefer to wear a lace Anarkali design suit which is combined with a fabric-patched dupatta and it will be an excellent combination. You must maintain the color for aligning everything in harmony. If you wish, you can include numerous rich fabrics which will prepare an exclusive dress. While you concentrate on your attire, you can't forget the fact of choosing your wedding jewellery with great attention as your jewelry sets should sync well with your wedding dress.

  • Star-studded ballgown

Amongst the finest wedding dresses meant for a cocktail party, you can't ignore a star-studded ballgown. You must be mindful that your ballgown has numerous shimmer and shine and you must also choose a gown which can make a statement. As the cocktail night involved dazzling your gown's silhouettes, you should go ahead and do not worry about your dress's sparkle.

The excellent wedding dresses have been the resultant of the rich and intricate feature of the embellishments that are accomplished on apparel. Hence, you must choose between Swarovskis for locally-sourced sequins stones as they would turn your dress lavish.

  • Choose costly craftsmanship

Gota Patti is considered the hottest trend of wedding and so, the finest Indian wedding dresses get launched in meticulous Gota Patti work. This makes this work hugely demanded too. When you have a preference for Gota Patti work, you should get your whole trousseau embellished with the help of this craftsmanship only. To have designs according to your choice, you can discuss with your local artist or the designer and he will be able to inform you about the Gota Patti work that he can accommodate to your trousseau.

  • Look similar to royalty

You can ditch the common tradition of wearing a saree or a lehenga and opt for a royal ensemble style as your finest Indian wedding dresses choice. For getting yourself royal attire for your wedding, you can opt for a richly embellished cape along with a golden crown which will look like a queen. This style matches well on velvet fabrics, but you must make sure that your room's air conditioning happens to be at its lowest temperature so that you do not get melted due to the heavy fabric.